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Stonebridge Community Meeting (Video)


 For more information and to be included on a mailing list for all things Stonebridge, residents can email the city. 

Working groups will be established going forward.   They will meet in February, at a date yet to be determined.    



Help Ottawa Fire Services get our apparatus and our message through.   Leave a gap of at least 3.5 m (11.5ft) Stagger vehicles at a distance of at least 12 m (39.5 ft) 

A day in the life of a snow plow operator. I know, because I rode along.


Greg Bilibento has been driving a plow for more than 20 years.  I wanted to hear first hand what it's like to be part of Ottawa's snow clearing  team. 

Community News

More than 500 residents show up in Kanata to fight golf course development


Residents of Kanata come on strong and take on Club Links. Special thanks to Jay McLean and all the Stonebridge people who joined us.

Ottawa Ash Tree Replacement Pilot Program (click picture to proceed to web site)


While we cannot guarantee 2019 funding; we are pleased to add complete applications (with no missing information) to a waiting list should we be successful in receiving funding for a second year of this program, or if previously allocated funding becomes available.

Earl Armstrong Road Extension Environmental Assessment (Text - click on map)


The City of Ottawa has initiated the Earl Armstrong Road Extension Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to establish the future right-of-way requirements and protect the corridor from encroaching development.  The findings of the study will also inform and guide the ongoing planning and development of adjacent lands.

Earl Armstrong Road Extension Environmental Assessment Study Open House (Video)


The  first public open house (POH) for this EA study is to provide study  information, engage in discussion and receive feedback from the public  on the following:

  • Project overview, process and schedule
  • Project need and justification
  • Summary of environmental inventory and existing conditions
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions and corridors
  • Identification of preliminary preferred solution and corridor
  • Next steps.

Earl Armstrong Open House - Community Reaction (Video)


Residents present for the Earl Armstrong Road Extension EA Study open house react to the presentation

Book of Condolences - Westboro Station Bus Collision (click picture to proceed to online book)


To provide enhanced accessibility for residents wishing to convey their sympathies following the Westboro Station bus collision, an online version of the Book of Condolences is available online (click picture above)

The paper copy of the Book of Condolences will be available at Ottawa City Hall (Jean Pigott Place) starting at noon Monday.

Riverside South Community Design Plan Open House

Riverside South Community Design Plan – 2018 Update


Run down of all the details relating to the Community Plan update (text)

Riverside South Community Design Plan Video 1


Update on GSN Transit and the evolution of LRT in Ward 22

Riverside South Community Design Plan Video 2


More detail on the rail realignment and the future community core 

Riverside South Community Design Plan Video 3


 Discussing the timelines that will see LRT to Limebank Road 

Riverside South Community Design Plan Video 4


 Discussing the projected Community District Park, Library and Community Centre 

Riverside South Community Design Plan Video 5


GSN residents react to the Riverside South Community Design Plan Open House 

Community News

GSN Ward 22 Community Budget Consultation - January 19th 1 to 3


Nothing  dictates the real priorities of the City of Ottawa like the Budget.  Looking forward to getting your input on what should be in and out of  the City of Ottawa's Budget  Moncion's Your Independent Grocer, 671 River Rd 

Newly designed Ottawa water bill will be introduced in March


Touted as easier to read and understand.  Billing amount on the  front, details on usage and how it's calculated on the reverse side.  

Residents are asked to choose a language, english or french.

Water  bill account number assigned to a property.  Residents will now have  their own Ottawa water account registration number that will follow them  if they move

Incident Reporting (Video - click the image)


Should you bother to report a minor incident to Police? Deputy Chief Steve Bell explains why this is so important

Proposed Cell Tower at Strandherd & Woodroffe


Proposed Cell Tower at Strandherd & Woodroffe Across From Movati Adjacent to Nepean Woods.  Rogers proposes placing the tower on the undeveloped eastern-most section of the property. 

Meehan: Development fees don't trump smart planning


After being in office only a short time, I am convinced that we can no  longer allow residential development to continue as it has. 

Comunity News

Your Top Concerns (Video) - Take a Quick Look


Speeding is one of the top concerns in GSN Ward 22.  

January 2019 Bulletin


Pleased to meet you, our first Newsletter

MEEHAN: Why the city should opt out of pot sales. Here's my 3-point plan


One of the most important decisions that will be made by Ottawa’s new  city council will be whether or not to allow retail cannabis stores to  open in the city 

40th Anniversary of Gloucester Historical Society


Congratulations to the Gloucester Historical Society celebrating 40 years of existence in its current form.  Check them out